David Sin

Co-Founder, Group President and Deputy Chairman, Fullerton Health

David Sin is the Co-Founder, Group President and Deputy Chairman of Fullerton Health.

David is a leading force in Fullerton Health’s growing presence, expanding the Group from its Singapore roots to across eight markets in the Asia Pacific region today. He spearheads the Group’s strategic growth and partnerships in China. David brings with him a track record of mergers and acquisitions, and corporate deal-making as CEO of SIN Capital Group. This is complemented by his experience in investment banking and special situations investing at Goldman Sachs and AIG Investment Corporation earlier on in his career.
辛大伟先生带领富乐医疗快速发展,集团业务从新加坡扩展到亚太地区的八个国家和地区;他主导确立了集团在中国的战略发展和合作伙伴关系。辛大伟先生同时担任“SIN Capital ”集团首席执行官,他在兼并和收购业务方面经验丰富;早年曾任职于高盛集团、AIG投资等部门。

In 2009, David founded SIN Capital Group to provide value-added capital and create long-term impact in areas that impact everyday life like healthcare, real estate and education.
2009年,辛大伟先生创立“SIN Capital ”集团,在影响人们日常生活的各个领域,例如医疗健康、房地产和教育等行业内提供资本增值并具有长期的影响力。

David is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader (2018) and a member of the Harvard Business School Global Leaders Circle. David holds a B.A. in accounting and finance from Manchester University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.