Lofred Madzou

Project Lead, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, World Economic Forum

Lofred Madzou’s interests lie at the intersection of philosophy, artificial intelligence and policy. The overarching theme of his work is "responsible AI". Considering what AI can do (existing capabilities and limitations) how should we use it to support human flourishing?

To address this question across various jurisdictions and industries, He has joined the World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution where he oversees global, and multistakeholder AI governance projects.

Before joining the Forum, he was a policy officer at the French Digital Council, where he advised the French Government on online platforms regulation and AI policy. Most notably, he has co-written chapter 5 of the Villani's report - the French AI National Strategy - entitled "What Ethics for AI?".

He has an MSc in Data Science and Philosophy from the University of Oxford.

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