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Shaping the Future of Consumption

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Creating responsible models of consumption for the benefit of business and society.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming the consumption landscape by creating opportunities for value through game-changing technologies. With consumer spending driving approximately 60% of global GDP, embracing the power of technology to create value is paramount to ensuring progress throughout developed and emerging economies. Our Platform, with an engagement of over 150 organizations, has prioritized specific initiatives to leverage this opportunity.

Together we work to meet consumer expectations amid changing demographics. We drive the adoption of new technologies poised to transform value chains (from artificial intelligence to the internet of things and blockchain).

Our Platform supports innovative customer relationship models, while addressing trust and transparency concerns in the world of big data. With our Members and Partners, we tackle ensuing societal challenges including urban-rural divides, environmental degradation due to overconsumption, and worker reskilling to mitigate inequality.

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