World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

22—25 janvier 2019 Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

Davos 2019

Dernière mise à jour: 25 Jan 14:25 UTC
06:54 UTC

What's happening today?

This is it then, the final day of Davos 2019.

Thanks for following us for one more time. Here are some of the sessions to look out for:

08:00 GMT: A 'Fourth Social Revolution'?

09:15 GMT: A New Kind of Learning?

10:30 GMT Global Economy in Transition

⏰ 11:30 GMT Closing Remarks: The Road Ahead

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Moderated by

Stephen J. Adler


Martin Baron

Kumi Naidoo

Matthew Caruana Galizia

Aleksandar Vučić

Tinatin Kandelaki