KBZ Bank

KBZ Bank is part of a family of privately held, diversified market-share leading businesses in Myanmar. The privately held bank and its sister organizations are industry leaders in mining, banking, aviation, insurance, manufacturing, agriculture, real estate, trading, healthcare, tourism and hospitality. The group was founded by Aung Ko Win in 1994 and is helmed by a professional, outsider CEO and Aung Ko Win's two daughters who serve concurrently as Deputy CEOs. Its core ethos is centered on strengthening Myanmar and its people. As it has its roots in a family business, the family's core values are integrated into the corporate values.

In recent years, the company has been highly focused on the modernization of its legacy businesses leading a consolidation and restructuring of the group to focus on core financial services (banking and insurance) operations. The leadership has, in particular, championed and effort to leverage strategic legacy business assets to push into digitally enabled segments (for example, converting its 500 branches across the country into last-mile delivery distribution points for e-commerce partners). It is seen as one of a small number of national champions supporting the government's economic development agenda.

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