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Aileen Wang

Deputy Director, Strategic Research Center, AliResearch Institute, Alibaba Group

Aileen Wang serves as deputy director of strategic research center of AliResearch Institute. She is based in Beijing and in charge of international cooperation as well as collaboration with international organizations and research institutions. Prior to Alibaba, Aileen Wang was treasury analyst of Thomson Reuters, specializing at China’s macro economy and financial sector. One of her major tasks at Thomson Reuters is to interpret fiscal and monetary policies as well as industry rules adopted by a wide range of government agencies and write up in-depth analysis to predict policy trend and to help investors better understand China’s policy environment. Her research and analysis have touched upon a wide range of topics on both policy and market fronts, such as China’s fiscal and financial sector reforms, policy support for cross-border trade and investment, opportunities and challenges for China’s booming internet finance as well as new growth potential emerging from the country’s urbanization wave. She graduated from London School of Economics and Political Sciences with a Master of Science degree in urbanization and development.

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