Scott Kalb

Chief Executive Officer, KLTI Advisors

BA, Oberlin College; MA, Harvard University. Former Economic Consultant, Economic Planning Board and Ministry of Finance, Korea. With Citigroup: 1990-99, MD, International Equity Research and International Asset Management. 1999-2002, Senior Equity Portfolio Manager, Tudor Investment Corp. 2002-06, CEO and Senior Portfolio Manager, Black Arrow Capital Management. 2006-08, Senior Portfolio Manager, Balyasny Asset Management. 2009-12, CIO and Deputy CEO, Korea Investment Corporation. 2013-present, Chairman and formerly Executive Director, Sovereign Investor Institute. 2012 -present, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, KLTI Advisors. 2017-present, Founder and Director, Responsible Asset Allocator Initiative at New America. Since 2009, Member, and 2011-12, Chairman, WE Forum Global Future Council on Long-Term Investing. Author. Named on list of Top 100 Individuals in Private Equity for the decade 2000-10, Private Equity Int'l.