Transformation Leaders Network

Transformation Leaders Network

The Transformation Leaders Network (TLN) previously engaged 150 senior practitioners and experts to pursue practical efforts for sustainable and inclusive agriculture. This community connected stakeholders from across the World Economic Forum’s New Vision for Agriculture (NVA) initiative with three goals of:

  • Accelerating momentum of multi-stakeholder action platforms around the world in support of inclusive, sustainable, efficient, nutritious and healthy food systems;

  • Highlighting innovations and solutions for action in food systems in country and regional settings;

  • Promoting decision making, and peer-to-peer food systems leadership development.

We are re-launching the TLN to support the objectives of the UN-led Food Systems Summit in 2021 and serve as a dynamic and agile community of systems leaders that will accelerate the transformation towards a more nutritious, sustainable, and equitable food system fit for purpose. Our aim is to:

  • Connect leading game-changing efforts in global food systems with the knowledge, networks, and resources to achieve their impacts at scale;

  • Increase the rate by which new models and approaches within global food systems can be replicated and scaled;

  • Build a global community of systems leaders supporting each other in the shift towards a new food system;

  • Develop and curate cutting edge knowledge in food systems transformation in order to support systems leaders in their work.

A Community of purpose supporting the 2021 Summit

The relaunch of the next generation of the Transformation Leaders Network includes four key objectives that can support the UN Food Systems Summit and continue to be a self-sustaining network of systems influence for the transformation of how we produce and consume food beyond 2021:

  • Promoting systems leadership;

  • Developing self-promoting local models and networks;

  • Scaling the impact of food systems game changer initiatives;

  • Unlocking Systems of Influence.

Partner Organizations

The Transformation Leaders Network aims to convene individual and institutional leaders including representatives of networks from agri-food and other industries, government and multilateral agencies, civil society, farmer organizations, consumer advocates and communities, innovators and entrepreneurs, youth leaders, academia, and systems thinkers from around the world. Leading organizations dedicated to the next generation of the Transformation Leaders Network including the following partners: The Rockefeller Foundation, EAT Foundation, Syngenta Foundation, 4SD, UNDP, American Farmland Trust, Harvard University, TPI, The Value Web, World Economic Forum (Platform for Global Public Goods and Uplink, Global Shapers, Young Global Leaders). 

Transformation Leaders Network Gathering, April 27-28

The re-launch of TLN will start with a highly interactive virtual workshop on April 27-28, 2021, injecting the dynamism, entrepreneurism, and energy from the next-gen transformational leaders to build communities of impact. More than 100 food systems leaders will join the gathering, setting agenda that will lead to the Food System Summit and beyond.

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