Plateformes Shaping the Future of Health and Healthcare
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Shaping the Future of Health and Healthcare

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Transforming the healthcare industry while promoting healthy lives and ensuring access to affordable quality care for all.

Global healthcare spending is projected to increase from $7.7 trillion in 2017 to $10 trillion by 2020. The emergence of personalized medicine, increasing amounts of data, entry of disruptive and non-traditional competitors, the demand for expanded care delivery sites, and revamped payment and public funding models are all impacting the business and financial performance of the healthcare ecosystem. There is an urgency for stakeholders across the industry to transform their business models to remain relevant and financially viable in the long term.

Our Platform curates international organizations, academic institutions, pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, healthcare NGOs, hospitals, healthcare providers, infrastructure and insurance organizations to shape the global health agenda.

Stakeholders collaborate on the major industry challenges identified by our Platform – from innovation in precision medicine, global wellness and health security, to non-communicable diseases, mental health and the strengthening of primary care to achieve universal health coverage.

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