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Shaping the Future of Investing

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Enabling Stakeholder Capitalism Across the Entire Investment Value Chain

The purpose of the global investment system is to enable the efficient allocation of capital to improve economic outcomes. However, as today’s world is excessively driven by short-term pressures (for example, the need to deliver returns on a quarterly basis), this system has become ineffective in responding to new, unprecedented economic, environmental and social challenges. Research has found a $6.7 trillion investment gap to tackle challenges including climate change, global inequalities, water scarcity, and more. Coordinated, multistakeholder action is necessary to address these challenges and therefore rebalance the investment system.

In this spirit, the Future of Investing Platform is implementing stakeholder capitalism across the investment value chain by addressing three priority areas: 


-Transformational investment 

-ESG Metrics and Disclosures


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