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Shaping the Future of Media, Entertainment and Sport

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Identifying new business models for content and distribution, transforming the way consumers are informed and entertained around the world.

Media, entertainment and sport have been radically disrupted over the last decade through the introduction of the internet, social media, user-generated content, video streaming and various other technological breakthroughs. Business models have been upended and entire industry systems have been transformed or disappeared completely. What remains is a weakened media ecosystem, vulnerable to failure and abuse.

Together with our Members and Partners, we are creating a new media system between content creators, distributors and consumers. Our Platform enables business, government and civil society to work together and reinforce key areas affected by the current era of digital disruption – addressing the value in media, from the stability of the content supply chain to responsible data and secure consumer privacy and protection. A new understanding of the value created in media is essential to meet the growing demands of the public, which increasingly expects free access to any type of content, wherever and whenever they want.

Our Platform aggregates solutions to major industry disruptions while driving greater social cohesion and helping companies remain accountable to their responsibility for global social good.


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