Plateformes Shaping the Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Value Chains
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Shaping the Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Value Chains

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Anticipating how pioneering technologies, innovative business models and new partnerships are transforming business’s ability to drive economic and societal impact.

Production is more than manufacturing – it encompasses everything from research and development to design, consumer behaviour and end-of-use cycles. It includes multiple industries as diverse as automotive, chemicals, electronics, healthcare and textiles. While manufacturing has been the foremost source of growth, jobs and innovation globally, production also contributes heavily to CO2 emissions and climate change. Emerging technologies are transforming the world of production, enabling more efficient processes and creating new value for industry, society and the environment.

Our Platform brings together a diverse community of 130+ organizations from more than 22 industry sectors, governments, academic institutions and civil society, to accelerate inclusive technology while stimulating innovation, sustainability and employment. The community evaluates and proposes pilots, examines the latest approaches in skills development, drives improvements in partnerships and informs business model transformations and next generation industrial development strategies.

Our Platform enables solutions to the greatest challenges facing multiple industries, accelerating the growth of advanced manufacturing while helping stakeholders fulfil their social responsibility.

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