Forum in the News - May 11

11 mai 2018

Human-sounding Google Assistant sparks ethics questions -- France 24

The technology is extraordinary but what governance do we need around machines pretending to be humans, asks Kay Firth-Butterfield, head of the Forum’s AI and machine learning project.

How football is saving the lives of Turkish girls in Malatya -- The Guardian

The beautiful game is breaking down gender stereotypes in a nation ranking 130th out of 144 countries in the Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report.

Combine New Digital Technologies To Maximize Gains: WEF Research -- IT Next

Whatever industry you’re in, the best use of robotics, AI, social and mobile media, and the Internet of Things is all together, according to the Forum’s Maximising the Return on Digital Assets report.

Gulf nationals join World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders class of 2018 -- Gulf News

Three Saudis and one UAE national have been selected this year.

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