Forum in the News - June 18

18 juin 2018

Digital reformation: A struggle far from finished - The Jakarta Post

Companies in Indonesia are joining the race to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the country is a major regional market. The analysis quotes President Joko Widodo at the World Economic Forum: “When we see challenges, I see opportunities. Indonesia’s challenges are your opportunities.”

Border lake backdrops sealing of Greece, Macedonia name deal - Washington Post

The foreign ministers of Greece and Macedonia endorsed an agreement to resolve a long dispute. Cites the first meeting between the two countries’ prime ministers, Greece’s Alexis Tsipras and Macedonia’s Zoran Zaev, at Davos this year.

Paper straw factory to open in Britain as restaurants ditch plastic - The Guardian

The biodegradable straws will be made in South Wales. Cites the World Economic Forum/Ellen MacArthur report on the new plastics economy.

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