Alliance for Clean Air: Catalysing action on ambient air pollution

Decades of exposure to toxic air have worsened the health of communities globally. Millions have been left with respiratory and other health problems which leave them predisposed to the most severe impacts of COVID-19, resulting in more hospitalisations and deaths – especially amongst the poorest and most vulnerable. This comes on top of the 7 million deaths already linked to air pollution each year.

This critical window of opportunity demands bold, decisive and informed leadership, and effective global collaboration. With a joined-up, strategic and well-resourced approach to cleaning our air we can improve health, build resilience to future diseases, boost productivity, reduce health costs and help tackle climate change.

The Alliance for Clean Air brings business leaders together to understand their impact on air quality, and to take action to reduce it. Our mission is to protect the health of current and future generations by catalysing action on ambient air pollution to meet the World Health Organization guidelines for air quality and progress on the broader 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. A partnership with the Clean Air Fund is in place to support the acceleration of solutions.


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