Automotive in the Software-Driven Era


Reshape public-private and cross-industry collaboration in the software-defined mobility age for maximizing the benefits and expanding values of the transition to data-rich ecosystems for all. 


Critical automotive and new mobility disruptions in recent years—autonomous vehicles, connectivity, electrification, shared mobility, and fleets— rely heavily on leading-edge software development and application for cutting-edge products, services, and operations. As a result, leading automotive companies invest more than even before in emerging software value chains, and software companies are entering the mobility space. Whereas some solutions are nascent and therefore highly competitive, other collective challenges warrant public-private and cross industry collaboration for maximizing the societal, economic, and environmental benefit of mobility as a service and beyond.

Several core challenges have been hypothesized for a collaborative action among leading automotive and ICT companies. These include aspects concerning the tech regulatory environment, tech infrastructure, tech user learning and education, tech-savvy organizational transitions and business models. What is your hypothesis for a collaborative action?


  • Work with core Forum partners from the Automotive and New Mobility, Digital Economy and New Value Creation, ICT, AI and Cybersecurity communities to identify gaps and opportunities for individual and collaborative action, and build a new, highly-engaged software in automotive community.

  • Develop blueprints depicting the roles and responsibilities of top players in the upcoming collaborations in the sector. Blueprints will be based on best practices from all over the world. They will be reflective of key findings, including lessons learnt and principles for future action.

  • Facilitate regional/local decision-making dialogues to validate the blueprints.

  • Co-develop 2-3 taskforces/pilot ideas that will place our newly formed community on path for an impactful and successful leadership in software mobility era.



The Forum has been working on the digitalization of the automotive sector for several years. For example, the Forum worked on several initiatives regarding autonomous vehicles over the past five years: it examined the urban implication of AVs in a Boston case study; curated multi-stakeholder dialogues to compare AV policy environments through Forum C4IR for informing Israel’s AV Pilot Regulation; developed a framework for AV testing where data can be shared for increase value across geographies to both private and public stakeholders (Safe Drive Initiative) and implementing the approach with a pilot led by Dubai RTA. These initiatives have been useful for our partners in the early automation testing era. The opportunity today and potential for impact is much larger than autonomous vehicles alone given the proliferation of tech in all aspects of automotive and mobility ecosystems. The Automotive in the Software-Driven Era Initiative aims to cover these broader needs.


OEMs, software companies, infrastructure and mobility developers and operators, cities, and regional regulators. The level of commitment by various partners will be designed throughout 2022H1, in alignment with capacity, interests and outputs. 

Get in touch to contribute to shape the initiative: Dr. Maya Ben Dror, Manager Automotive Industry ( and Dr. Maria Alonso, Project Lead ( 

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