Cyber Resilience in Oil & Gas

The Challenge

Digitalization is driving growth and innovation in the Oil & Gas industry and has tremendous potential to deliver shareholder and customer value. Nonetheless, new technologies and business models affecting operating assets present both opportunities and risks.

In 2020, while the world is focused on the systemic threat posed by Covid-19, cybercriminals capitalize on the crisis by launching a different kind of “virus” to disrupt the operations of the most vital functions.

Maintaining resilience across the ecosystem is a challenge for all organizations and a significant priority for critical infrastructure sectors such as Oil & Gas. Large-scale cyber incidents could have drastic ramifications affecting human safety, the global economy, environmental sustainability and business growth.

The Opportunity

The Cyber Resilience in Oil & Gas initiative aims to strengthen cyber resilience across the industry by developing a trusted network of collaboration with a multi stakeholder community to embed cyber resilience across the Oil & Gas ecosystem.

Outcomes and Deliverables

1.    Create and pilot a concept and tools to influence organizational and behavior change on cyber resilience

2.    Establish and align cybersecurity guidelines to secure the Oil & Gas supply and value chain

3.    Promote adoption of proven approaches for cyber resilience by increasing ecosystem-wide awareness

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