Globalization, Tax and Competition

Global Value Chains (GVCs) have become a key feature of the trade and investment landscape, with over half of world goods imports consisting of intermediates. These networks enhance economic growth and allow many developing countries to integrate into the global trade system and diversify their exports. However, GVCs also raise important development, inclusion and sustainability concerns. Many countries are left out. The distribution of gains in countries that are part of GVCs is highly uneven. The social and environmental impacts of supply chain operations need to be improved. Tax avoidance and the negative effects of high market concentration merit attention. 

This project creates a community of experts, policymakers, businesses and civil society organisations through digital interactions, workshops and other events to promote evidence-based policies in the areas of trade, investment, services, competition, taxation, standards and regulation. You can read the outputs to date below from a series of white papers written and reviewed by the community on these topics. 

The current areas of focus are:

• Tax and globalization

• Competition policy in the digital economy

• Business relationships and policy coherence

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