Grow Africa

The Grow Africa Partnership was founded jointly by the African Union (AU)The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) and the World Economic Forum in 2011 and works to increase private sector investment in agriculture.


Grow Africa is an African-owned, country-led, market-based and inclusive platform for cross-sector collaboration which aims to increase inclusive and responsible investment in African agriculture and thereby generate agriculture-driven economic growth that contributes to reducing poverty and hunger. Grow Africa, together with its African strategic partners, helps facilitate collaboration between governments, international and domestic agriculture companies and smallholder farmers in order to lower the risk and cost of investing in agriculture and improve returns to all stakeholders. 


The Grow Africa Partnership comprises over 200 companies and governments in 12 countries and is supported by a network of knowledge partners and topic specialists. Its Secretariat transitioned in 2016 to Johannesburg, South Africa, and is now hosted by the NEPAD Agency.


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