Partnering for Sustainable Energy Innovation

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Partnering to Accelerate Sustainable Energy Innovation is a continuation of a project started in 2017, within the System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Energy. Energy consumption and production contribute two thirds of global GHG emissions and a large share of air-pollution. Significantly accelerating the pace of innovation in multiple energy technologies and solutions to make them market- ready and scalable in the energy system is critical to solving challenges of energy sustainability at the speed required and to reap the economic and societal benefits that come with faster innovation across the energy system.

The astonishing progress in solar and wind is only the tip of the iceberg of solutions needed: According to the IEA, only 3 out of 26 critical technology areas are progressing fast enough. The importance of accelerating innovation is undervalued by many and under-invested compared to the challenges at hand but this can be changed.
This project - serving as a platform for innovation alliances, governments and corporates for dialogue and to drive action - has in 2017 identified ways to fast-track innovation and put forward a set of propositions for actions governments and the private sector can take. From this platform rose the collaboration between the World Economic Forum and Mission Innovation, an alliance of 22 governments and the EU representing 80% of global clean energy R&D who joined forces with the Forum for greater impact. The project enables companies and governments to partner to make progress on specific sustainable energy innovation challenges, and opportunities for implementing bold propositions are being pursued. Further partnerships with selected alliances eager to leverage the Forum’s platform will be explored.