Partnership against Cybercrime

The Challenge

Cybercrime presents a major risk to global prosperity in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It impacts everyone, from individuals and companies to critical infrastructure and governments. In addition to direct damages, cybercrime is an enormous barrier to digital trust, greatly undermining the benefits of cyberspace, increases inequality and hindering international cyber stability efforts.

To systematically address this threat, it is imperative to raise the cost of conducting cybercrime and increase the risks for cybercriminals. This can only be achieved through effective public-private cooperation, with companies working side by side with law enforcement.

Various significant collaborative initiatives exist, but they remain fragmented and insufficient for current needs. A paradigm shift in the way we collectively address this challenge is thus required.

The Objective

This initiative aims to drive momentum for a public-private Partnership to combat cybercrime. The Partnership brings together a dedicated community including leading law enforcement agencies, international organizations, cybersecurity companies, service and platform providers, global corporations, and leading not-for-profit alliances.

Following the 2020 Working Group recommendations, the Partnership will support the establishment of a global network of hubs for operational public-private cooperation. The Partnership will serve as the platform for interactions and insight sharing on a global and strategic level.


Outcome and Deliverables for 2021

1.    Convene community dialogues to generate insights and build stronger foundations for cooperation

2.    Promote a shared threat-mapping to develop insights and help identify new opportunities for cooperation 

3.    Promote a collaborative effort to reduce the overall risk of ransomware

4.    Initiate a joint learning process and pilot operational mechanisms 

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