Reskilling Revolution Platform

With 75 million jobs expected to be displaced due to automation and technological integration in the coming years, worries around unequal opportunity, large-scale unemployment and widening income inequality are rising. The transformation will also create demand for an estimated 133 million new jobs with vast new opportunities for fulfilling people’s potential and aspirations.

Meanwhile, almost half of the core skills required across all roles will change and a positive outcome will require skills that are neither currently common in the workforce, nor likely to be available in the near future through current educational systems and workplace practices.

Decision-makers from the private and public sector have a critical role to play in ensuring that people have the skills to be employable and productive in the future of work. The scale and urgency of this transformation, calls for nothing short of a “moonshot”.

This is why the World Economic Forum is launching The Reskilling Revolution Platform to provide better jobs, education, and skills to 1 billion people in the next 10 years. This initiative will contribute to future-proofing countries, companies, and workforces in order to build a fairer, more inclusive world that will deliver benefits to the economy and society for generations to come.

We invite leaders and organizations to contribute to The Reskilling Revolution Platform by:

1. Joining the five Forum-led initiatives (Closing the Skills Gap Accelerators, Preparing for the Future of Work Industry Accelerators, Skills Consortium, The Promise of Platform Work, Education 4.0) aimed at creating and piloting replicable models for action at the national, industry, organizational and school levels

2. Hosting Partner-led multistakeholder coalitions to leverage the Reskilling Revolution Platform to scale their impact, ensuring visibility, recognition, support, and cohesion

3. Becoming the next generation of credible business leadership commitments on human capital through affiliation and vetting of game-changing initiatives through the Reskilling Revolution CEO Champions group. Register your business commitment at

The World Economic Forum’s New Economy and Society platform will serve as the initiative’s secretariat. If we are to meet this challenge by 2030, the time for decision-makers to act is now. Join the Reskilling Revolution.


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