Net Zero Carbon Cities: An Integrated Approach

The World Economic Forum’s Net Zero Carbon Cities (NZCC) programme brings together businesses with city, regional and national level government to accelerate urban transitions to a net zero future.

The program aims to enable urban transformation towards clean electrification and circularity, using integrated energy solutions to address energy, buildings, and mobility. The program aligns and scales efforts across business, city, and national-level governments to deliver sustainable and resilient urban ecosystems.

The Toolbox of Solutions is an online database containing 200+ best practices and case studies for urban transformation. LEARN MORE

Systemic Efficiency aims to enable a decarbonized, highly electrified and resilient city ecosystem though ultra-efficient buildings and smart energy infrastructure.

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Davos 2019: Net-zero energy buildings for sustainability and well-being - Khee Poh Lam

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