Global Coalition for Value in Healthcare

In July 2016, the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), launched the Value in Healthcare Project (2016-2018). The outcome of this collaboration is the formation of the Global Coalition for Value in Healthcare, a public-private collaboration to accelerate the transition to value-based healthcare in health systems throughout the world.

The Global Coalition for Value in Healthcare (GCfViHC) will serve as a global platform to share learnings, develop effective best practices, and guide the development of value-based health systems globally. Launched in January 2019 at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting it will accelerate the pace of health system transformation.

Why value-based care?

Case for change: global healthcare is marked by growing concern over its sustainability, costs are growing at an exponential rate putting severe pressure on healthcare budgets and constraining further development

Current state: volume of procedures, no systematic assessments of the quality of services

Challenge: how to accelerate the transition to value-based healthcare in health systems

Desired state: transition from volume-based to value-based healthcare. Value-based approach to care will:

  • Improve access to appropriate care

  • Spur innovations in treatment and care delivery

  • Provide new business opportunities for the public and private sectors

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