Publié: 4 novembre 2020

Facilitation 2.0: Trade and Investment in the Digital Age

Papua New Guinea has embraced growth in the digital economy and targeted e-commerce as part of its development strategy. Making “Harnessing Inclusive Opportunities, Embracing Digital Future” the theme of APEC 2018 held in Papua New Guinea, the country has since sought to leap into the digital age, working hard to open new growth opportunities. In support of this agenda, the World Economic Forum launched Facilitation 2.0, a novel initiative piloted in Papua New Guinea. Facilitation 2.0 was possible thanks to the support of the Government of Australia.

The initiative aims to advance practical, business-driven reforms at the intersection of trade facilitation, investment, and e-commerce. The project blended local experience with international expertise, helping to advance an electronic-transactions act, digital payments regulation, and a public-private group on digital foreign direct investment – a global first. Further, since the launch of the initiative, digitalization has become more relevant than ever amid a global pandemic requiring limited physical contact. The project was a true co-creation of local and international multi-stakeholders. The report showcases our methodology, the progress made, and next steps.

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