Publié: 20 juillet 2021

Future of Reusable Consumption Models

The World Economic Forum’s Platform for Shaping the Future of Consumption seeks to advance responsible models of consumption to benefit people and planet. One focus area is the environmental degradation caused by plastic pollution, which the platform is addressing through its Consumers Beyond Disposability initiative.

This report, produced in collaboration with Kearney, explores the leading findings to emerge from the initiative and provides an alternative plastic waste-reduction model. It begins by looking at three primary actors of systems change – consumers, business and the public sector – then presents the Reuse Viability Framework, a proprietary tool to address some of the key questions business leaders and public-sector decision-makers have raised about reuse – namely, how to make it scalable and viable. The report concludes by considering three potential scenarios for the development of a reuse economy by 2030.

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