Publié: 29 avril 2022

Sustainable Investment Pathways: Playbook

The Sustainable Investment Pathways (SIP) playbook has been produced by the Sustainable Development Investment Partnership (SDIP). It serves as a guide for replicating and expanding the SIP initiative as part of the overarching goal of moving capital at the scale and speed needed to bridge the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) investment gap in developing and emerging markets.

The purpose of the SIP initiative is to bring together global and local public- and private-sector market players to jointly define what needs to be done to increase the capital required to meet the SDGs through an impartial, multistakeholder approach.

In general, putting in place an actionable SIP would consist of three main steps:

  • Agree on the destination: Identify and agree on priority sectors or value chains in need of greater coherence and investment
  • Agree on how to get there and what the obstacles are: Determine the risks and barriers, and identify policies, innovative solutions and financing mechanisms to move capital at scale
  • Agree on “who and what” is needed: Define and agree on the necessary actions to complete the formulation of an actionable SIP
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