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22 mars 2017

Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2017

· The Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2017 ranks 127 countries on their ability to deliver secure, affordable, sustainable energy

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10 mars 2017

The Future of Electricity: New Technologies Transforming the Grid Edge

The electricity landscape is a prime example of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as it undergoes a transformation, becoming more complex than ever before wit...

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1 mars 2017

Shaping the Future of Construction: Inspiring innovators redefine the industry

3D-printed houses, automatically designed hospitals, prefabricated skyscrapers — once futuristic dreams are now a reality as described in the new report Shap...

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14 février 2017

The Future of Humanitarian Response 2017

In 2015, the World Economic Forum began working with leaders from across sectors to develop a coherent conversation around humanitarian issues. Since then, t...

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27 janvier 2017

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2017: Responsive and Responsible Leadership

Convening under the theme Responsive and Responsible Leadership, leaders participating in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2017 focused on five critic...

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16 janvier 2017

The New Plastics Economy: Catalysing action

In just over half a century, plastics have become pervasive throughout the economy, due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness. Yet alongside clear bene...

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16 janvier 2017

The Inclusive Growth and Development Report 2017

Around the world, no bigger policy challenge preoccupies leaders than expanding social participation in the process and benefits of economic growth. The repo...

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15 janvier 2017

Shaping the Future of Retail for Consumer Industries

This report highlights the game-changing technologies which will fundamentally change how retail and consumer brands do business over the next decade and sha...

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11 janvier 2017

The Global Risks Report 2017


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