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28 avril 2016

Mastering Hypergrowth

19 avril 2016

The Role of Financial Services in Society: Understanding the impact of technology-enabled innovation on financial stability

This paper, “Understanding the impact of technology-enabled innovation on financial stability”, articulates key findings from a series of interviews and roun...

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8 avril 2016

Reforms to Accelerate the Development of India’s Smart Cities: Shaping the Future of Urban Development & Services

The report highlights the reforms required at state and local levels to implement smart cities in India. It recommends institutional, business-environment an...

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6 avril 2016

Inspiring Future Cities & Urban Services: Shaping the Future of Urban Development & Services Initiative

The World Economic Forum has released a new report, Inspiring Future Cities & Urban Services

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5 avril 2016

Understanding the Commercial Real Estate Investment Ecosystem: An Early Warning System Prototype

The World Economic Forum’s Shaping the Future of Real Estate initiative defines real estate asset ecosystems and how real estate bubbles could be limited thr...

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22 mars 2016

Infrastructure & Urban Development: Building Foundations for Transparency

The Building Foundations for Transparency project comes at a critical time when governments are making concrete steps to tackle corruption in public processe...

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10 mars 2016

New Vision for Education: Fostering Social and Emotional Learning Through Technology

The New Vision for Education project examines the role that technology can potentially play to improve education for the future. In phase II, we investigated...

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2 mars 2016

Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2016

The Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2016 ranks 126 countries on their ability to deliver secure, affordable and sustainable energy.

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25 février 2016

Social Innovation: A Guide to Achieving Corporate and Societal Value

As a central effort in the Global Challenge Initiative on Economic Growth and Social Inclusion, this is a “how to guide” for companies to create social and b...

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16 février 2016

Scaling Up Climate Action through Value Chain Mobilization

The adoption of the Paris Agreement on 12 December by 195 governments is a major turning point in the global fight against climate change. To date, 190 gover...

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8 février 2016

Intelligent Assets: Unlocking the Circular Economy Potential

The impending digital transformation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution holds the potential to redefine the very basis of our materials-reliant industrial e...

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2 février 2016

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016: Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution

At the Annual Meeting 2016, under the theme Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technology shifted from a supporting role to the spotlight. More than...

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