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23 novembre 2006

The Global Gender Gap Report 2006

The Gender Gap Index 2006 covers 115 countries, representing over 90% of the world’s population.The country comparisons are meant to serve a dual purpose: as...

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10 septembre 2006

China and the World: Scenarios to 2025

China\'s impact on global growth, resource allocation, trade and investment, as well as geopolitical balance, has direct consequences for every part of the p...

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12 janvier 2006

Technology Pioneers 2007 - Innovation reinvented: a more open approach

 The world is facing unparalleled challenges. How will we deal with issues such as the increasing demand for energy, ageing populations and the socioeconomic...

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11 janvier 2006

Harnessing Private-Sector Capabilities to Meet Public Needs

Harnessing Private-Sector Capabilities to Meet Public Needs: The Potential of Partnerships to Advance Progress on Hunger, Malaria and Basic Education outline...

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