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20 novembre 2008

India Economic Summit 2008

At the outset of the Summit, the impact of the global financial crisis had experts correcting growth forecasts for 2008-2009 to less than 8% as the current a...

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15 novembre 2008

Summit on the Global Agenda 2008

The world’s finest minds including Nobel Prize laureates, industry captains and thought-leaders met in Dubai to share ideas and insights that will assist pol...

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1 novembre 2008

World Economic Forum on Europe and Central Asia 2008

Under the theme \"Confronting Challenges in Defining a Collaborative Future\", the first World Economic Forum on Europe and Central Asia was both timely and ...

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23 octobre 2008

Europe@Risk 2008

This report examines the global risks most pertinent to Europe, Russia, Eastern Europe, Turkey and Central Asia relating to four areas: economic slowdown, en...

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30 septembre 2008

Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2008

Nearly 1,200 leaders from more than 80 countries discussed the impact of the unfolding crisis as well as the next wave of growth that would be necessary for ...

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23 septembre 2008

The Future of Pensions and Healthcare in a Rapidly Ageing World: Scenarios to 2030

One of the most eminent challenges facing the world today is the ageing of our societies. The United Nations (2007) predicts that by 2050 the number of peopl...

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9 juillet 2008

The Global Information Technology Report 2008-2009

Information and communication technologies (ICT) is increasingly moving to the core of national competitiveness strategies around the world, thanks to its re...

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23 juin 2008

Business Solutions for Sustainable Food Production

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20 juin 2008

World Economic Forum on East Asia 2008

“Responding to New Uncertainties” was the theme of the 17th World Economic Forum on East Asia.

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18 juin 2008

Global Growth@Risk 2008

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9 juin 2008

World Economic Forum on Africa 2008

\"Capitalizing on Opportunity\" was the theme of the 2008 World Economic Forum on Africa, focusing on the power of leadership to bridge the gap between the r...

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30 mai 2008

Africa@Risk 2008

Africa@Risk 2008

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