Façonner l'avenir deShaping the Future of Production

How can the transformation of production systems, from R&D to the consumer, drive innovation, sustainability and employment? 
Production is more than manufacturing; it encompasses everything from R&D and design, to consumer behaviour and end-of-use cycles. It includes sectors as diverse as automotive, electronics, textiles, healthcare and chemicals, among others.

The world of production is undergoing unprecedented transformation driven by the convergence of technologies such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, the internet of things and next-generation robotics providing opportunities for intelligent, flexible, customer-oriented production systems and new business models.

The System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Production provides a global, diverse and dynamic platform for leaders to understand the transformation of production systems, develop new and unique value for their organizations and drive the application of technologies to build more innovative, sustainable and inclusive production systems that benefit all.

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