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25 février 2021

Responsible Use of Technology: The Microsoft Case Study

In collaboration with the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University, USA

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17 février 2021

Safe Drive Initiative: SafeDI scenario-based AV policy framework – technical implementation guidance

This paper is part of a series from the Safe Drive Initiative, proposing a high-level policy framework to enable a regulator to implement an operational safe...

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28 janvier 2021

Unlocking Humanitarian and Resilience Investing through Better Data

It was produced in collaboration with GIB Asset Management.

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26 janvier 2021

Learning Lessons from Across Europe: Prioritizing Lung Cancer After COVID-19

In Partnership with Lung Ambition Alliance.

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26 janvier 2021

Connecting Countries and Cities for Regional Value Chain Integration: Operationalizing the AfCFTA

In collaboration with Deloitte

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22 janvier 2021

Precision Medicine Readiness Principles Resource Guide: Care integration

Precision medicine offers a more personalized and targeted approach to preventing disease; it considers patients’ unique genetic, biological and environmenta...

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21 janvier 2021

A Framework for the Safe and Efficient Global Movement of Batteries

In collaboration with White & Case and SYSTEMIQ

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14 janvier 2021

Data Excellence: Transforming manufacturing and supply systems

In collaboration with Boston Consulting Group

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13 janvier 2021

The Future of the Corporation Moving from balance sheet to value sheet

In collaboration with Baker McKenzie

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7 janvier 2021

Indian Cities in the Post Pandemic World

As economic powerhouses, cities drive growth and innovation, create jobs, improve livelihoods, and advance prosperity. In India, cities contribute around 70%...

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5 janvier 2021

Circular Trailblazers: Scale-ups Leading the Way Towards a More Circular Economy

This paper was produced in collaboration with ScaleUp Nation.

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16 décembre 2020

Consequences of a Mobile Future: Creating an Environmentally Conscious Life Cycle for Lead-Acid Batteries

In Collaboration with Pure Earth, the International Lead Association and Responsible Battery Coalition

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