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20 mai 2022

Resilience for Sustainable Inclusive Growth

The World Economic Forum and McKinsey & Company are pleased to announce Resilience for sustainable inclusive growth, a white paper advanced by Borge Bren...

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19 mai 2022

Accelerating Digital Payments in Latin America and the Caribbean

Digital payment ecosystems are the invisible infrastructure powering commerce, trade and people’s daily lives. With the onset of global COVID-19 pandemic the...

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17 mai 2022

The Good Work Framework: A new business agenda for the future of work

As many employers and workers seek a “new normal” after the disruptions of the last few years, there is an opportunity to develop a new vision for the future...

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16 mai 2022

Towards a Net-Zero Chemical Industry: A Global Policy Landscape for Low-Carbon Emitting Technologies

The chemical industry provides essential materials, technologies and components to all goods-producing industrial sectors and as such has a vital role in the...

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11 mai 2022

Conflict, Sanctions and the Future of World Trade

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been met with unprecedented trade and other economic sanctions. Some members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) have r...

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10 mai 2022

Supply Chain Sustainability Policies: State of Play

Supply chains are important levers for achieving sustainability goals and have gained increased corporate, governmental and civil society attention. This whi...

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9 mai 2022

Unpacking AI Procurement in a Box: Insights from Implementation

In 2021, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Brazil implemented the AI Procurement in a Box Guidelines in two unprecedented pilots, one with the ...

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29 avril 2022

Pacesetters: Setting the Tempo of Advanced Climate Investing

The third in a series of White Papers on transformational investment, this publication provides actions for the investment community as a whole to integrate ...

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21 avril 2022

Creating Value through Sustainability in Private Markets

Global private market investors are in a period of great risk – and great opportunity. Both asset owners and private-equity funds are facing pressure to make...

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21 avril 2022

Defining and Measuring Payment Interoperability

A thriving, competitive range of digital payment methods readies countries to better connect to global trade in today's digital age. Yet the varied technical...

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13 avril 2022

Regulatory Technology for the 21st Century

Regulation is central to government’s management of complex systems. However, if designed or applied ineffectively, regulation may trigger significant losses...

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12 avril 2022

Decision-Making on Deep-Sea Mineral Stewardship: A Supply Chain Perspective

Do deep-sea minerals have a place in supply chains as we move towards responsible sourcing of materials? Demand for these minerals, such as cobalt and nickel...

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