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25 mai 2023

Pathways to Crypto-Asset Regulation: A Global Approach

In the evolving crypto-asset ecosystem, coordinating regulatory frameworks across jurisdictions is a complex and formidable task. Given the unique features o...

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10 mai 2023

The Urban Mobility Scorecard Tool: Benchmarking the Transition to Sustainable Urban Mobility

The Urban Mobility Scorecard Tool is a digital resource for cities to benchmark progress towards sustainable, inclusive mobility.

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8 mai 2023

Private Market Impact Investing: A Turning Point

Impact investments – investments made with the intention of achieving positive, measurable social and environmental benefits while generating financial retur...

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2 mai 2023

Putting Skills First: A Framework for Action

In Putting Skills First: A Framework to Action, developed in consultation with leading experts from the public and private sectors, we delve into “skills-fir...

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27 avril 2023

From Fragmentation to Coordination: The Case for an Institutional Mechanism for Cross-Border Data Flows

Digital transformation of the global economy is bringing markets and people closer. Few conveniences of modern life – from international travel to online sho...

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25 avril 2023

Blockchain for Scaling Climate Action

The environment and climate sectors require digital transformation to keep up with the changing planetary ecosystem and to coordinate urgent and global actio...

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21 avril 2023

Accelerating Asia’s Advantage: A Guide to Corporate Climate Action

This paper emphasizes the unique and crucial contribution that Asia can make to climate action and calls for businesses across the region to be at the forefr...

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20 avril 2023

Target True Zero: Delivering the Infrastructure for Battery and Hydrogen-Powered Flight

Today, the aviation sector faces a significant challenge in dealing with the climate impacts of flying. But this challenge also presents an opportunity to re...

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23 mars 2023

Road Freight Zero: Towards a Holistic Regulatory Framework for Reducing Road Freight Emissions in Europe

As a response to the European Commission's recently proposed revision of the CO2 standards for trucks, trailers and buses, this briefing paper identifies eig...

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21 mars 2023

Scaling Low-Carbon Design and Construction with Concrete: Enabling the Path to Net-Zero for Buildings and Infrastructure

Buildings and infrastructure are responsible for approximately 40% of global carbon emissions each year, around 15 Gigatons. Unabated, this number could grow...

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9 mars 2023

Recommendations for the Digital Voluntary and Regulated Carbon Markets

Carbon markets have come under heavy criticism for their lack of transparency, accessibility, equitability and quality. Despite broad corporate interest, the...

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3 mars 2023

The Global Sustainable Aquaculture Roadmap: Pathways for Systemic Change

In 2022 the world's population surpassed eight billion and is set to continue growing. This growth makes it crucial to transform global food systems to meet ...

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